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GeoMod 2021


We are happy to announce that the keynote speakers of the postponed 2020 meeting are also committed to give their presentations this year. Therefore, the general conference programme will remain unchanged and includes 18 excellent and diverse key note presentations that prepare for lively interactions during the  posters sessions.

Sunday September 19, 2021

Ice breaker

Monday September 20, 2021

Session 1: Surface processes, landscapes, sediment fluxes and depositional systems

  • Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth (Aachen) on Closing the gap between data and models: from static 3D data-based configurations to process simulations
  • Maarten Kleinhans (Utrecht) on Living landscapes in the lab: bio-morphodynamics of rivers, estuaries and tidal systems
  • Todd Ehlers (Tübingen) on How Plants Shape Mountains

Conveners: Daniel Garcia Castellanos (ICTJA-CSIC), Stephan Dominguez (CNRS Montpellier) and Liviu Matenco (Utrecht)


Session 2: Magmatic systems from plumes to dikes

  • Richard Katz (Oxford) on Magma dynamics at rifts: from the viscous mantle to the brittle crust
  • Valentina Magni (CEED-Oslo) on Magmatism in subduction zones from regional to local scale
  • Frank Guldstra (Oslo) on t.b.d.

Conveners: Olivier Galland (Oslo) and Taras Gerya (ETH Zurich)


Session 0: State-of-the-art in modeling: methods and techniques

Posters only

Conveners: Ernst Willingshofer and Ylona van Dinther (Utrecht)

Poster session including pitches

Evening lecture by Wilco Hazeleger (Dean Faculty of Geosciences UU) on Climate modeling and national and global impact


Tuesday September 21, 2021

Session 3: Tectonics of faulting, folding and salt systems

  • Marta Adamuszek (Polish Geol. Inst.) on Three-dimensional structure evolution in and around deformable inclusions under simple shear
  • Tim Dooley (Texas) on Growth and evolution of salt canopies on a salt-detached slope: insights from physical models
  • Pauline Souloumiac (Cergy-Pontoise) on What controls strike-slip segmentation? Insight from analogue experiments

Conveners: Stefan Schmalholz (Lausanne) and Michele Cooke (Massachusetts)


Session 4: Geohazards and seismotectonics

  • Jean-Phillipe Avouac (CalTech) on slow earthquakes in subduction environments
  • Francesca Funiciello (Roma Tre) on Linking observational scales to study subduction and great earthquakes: new perspectives from natural data and modelling
  • Frederic Gueydan (Montpellier) on Transient ductile strain localization triggered by fluid-enhanced microfracturing and sealing: a possible analogue to Episodic Tremor and Slip

Conveners: Onno Oncken (GFZ) and Ylona van Dinther (Utrecht)


Corresponding posters including pitches

Evening lecture Jan Diederik van Wees (TNO) on Gas extraction and induced seismicity in the Netherlands

Wednesday September 22, 2021

Session 5: Rheology and fluids

  • Michael Ketterman (Vienna) on Fluids in the sandbox: A SWOT Analysis (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threads)
  • Ludovic Räss (Stanford) on Spontaneous flow and strain localisation arising from multi-physics coupling – forward and inverse supercomputing approaches
  • Jacqueline Reber (Iowa State) on The impact of rheology on slip dynamics: An experimental approach

Conveners: Suzanne Buiter (Aachen), Stefan Schmalholz (Lausanne) and Fred Beekman (Utrecht)


Session 6: Geodynamics and plate tectonics

  • Stephan Sobolev (GFZ) on Interplay of surface and deep-seated processes in initiation and evolution of plate tectonics on Earth
  • Joao Duarte (Lisbon) on Laboratory models of subduction: interface rheology and overriding plate deformation​
  • Laetitia Le Pourhiet (UPMC) on Continental Break-up in 3D: are 2D concepts all valid?

Conveners: Taras Gerya (ETH Zurich), Wouter Schellart (VU Amsterdam) and Ernst Willingshofer (Utrecht)



Thursday September 23, 2021

Morning visit to the new Earth Simulation Laboratory at Utrecht University