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GeoMod 2021

Abstract submission

The abstract submission and registration system will open on May 01, 2021 with a deadline for June 30, 2021.

For submitting your abstracts please use the following abstract template. The abstract must not exceed 2 pages, including a maximum of two figures and references. The document should be named as follows: [session]_[your name]_GeoMod2021.

Please select your session of preference from the following 7 sessions:

Session 0: Advances in modeling and monitoring techniques

Session 1: Surface processes, landscapes, sediment fluxes and depositional systems

Session 2Magmatic systems from plumes to dikes

Session 3Tectonics of faulting, folding and salt systems

Session 4: Geohazards and seismotectonics

Session 5Rheology and fluids

Session 6Geodynamics and plate tectonics