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GeoMod 2020


Welcome to website of the GeoMod 2020 conference

The GeoMod conference is a biennial international conference dedicated to the latest results of analogue and numerical modelling in the Geosciences. The main aim of the conference is to discuss and present the latest ideas, methods and results of laboratory, analytical and numerical modeling of geological processes.

GeoMod will take place at “Estate Sunny Hill” close to Utrecht, the Netherlands from June 28 – July 02, 2020.

Previous GeoMod conferences took place in: Milan, Italy (2002); Lucerne, Switzerland (2004); Florence, Italy (2008); Lisbon, Portugal (2010); Lausanne, Switzerland (2012); Potsdam, Germany (2014); Montpellier, France (2016); and Barcelona, Spain (2018).